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The other wall of the classroom has a huge number line where almost all students in the class can work on together at the same time. 

math board_edited.jpg

Math Board  (Grid Walls)

We all remember using graph papers as our math notebooks instead of blank or lined ones like for the other lessons.  Now think of a math classroom whose boards/walls are square and isometric grids as well!

To have such walls, we printed wall-size Coordinate Plane, Square grid, and Isometric grid (like wallpaper) and then covered them with whiteboard paint, so the walls with grids transformed into huge specialized whiteboards. 

We used the paint by Smart Surfaces and created the grids using Geometer's Sketchpad.


With a trick like this, we re-defined the students learning experience. Since all the walls became whiteboards, students could work on those together simultaneously which enables us to develop more collaborative tasks to enrich our lesson designs. 


As a result, we could observe that more group work is taking place and the students are able to express their thinking in huge mind maps on the wall, which can be left for other groups to contribute to and collaborate on. It was like creating a thinking area for students that are visible to each other.

It is proof of classrooms being physically changed as walls, desks, and doors all become interactive surfaces.

There are other options to transform to white boards to grid boards. Here are a few of them;

White Board Demonstration Tools

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