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PATTERN 21.jpg

21st Century Pattern Blocks

Explore Eight different shapes and colors for endless possible creations by Math for Love

Talking Math with Kids Shop.png

Talking Math with Kids Shop

Buy tiling turtles, Truchet Blocks, and Christopher’s books Which One Doesn’t Belong? and How Many?


Turing Machine

Preorder today! Expected release November 16, 2022!


Mondrian Blocks

A game where math meets wıth Art


Mosaic Mysteries Puzzle

Arrange mosaic tiles on a 2D plane in a way to make them seen as 3D.



Practice your symmetry, visual dexterity, quick thinking, spatial reasoning and memory skills.

G square.jpg

The Genius Square

STEM puzzle game with the combination of dice, location of the blockers


Tangram Puzzles

Bubble Pop Tangram pieces with the Tangram Puzzles Book

star wars chess.jpg

Star Wars Chess Set

A collectible - dark and light sides on the chess table. May the force with you.


Picasso Tiles Puzzle

A 3D Puzzle promotes logic training, critical thinking, problem-solving, and hand-eye coordination skills.



Invented thousands of years ago, Mancala is one of the world's favorite games of counting and strategy.

Leo Book.jpg

Amazing Inventions

Hands-on building projects that explore Da Vinci's invention ideas


Go - magnetic set

Magnetic 19x19 Go Game Set Board 



A challenging board game for 2-4 players

Brain Games 1.jpg

Brain Games  - I

What is the most complex super computer;? The answer is really close to you!

kepler cosmos.jpg

ZomeTool - Kepler Cosmos

German mathematician, astronomer Johannes Kepler's universe model made up of 5 platonic solids. 


Snake Cube Fidget 

Snake puzzles can turn into any shape, you can combine them to create bigger shapes.

NUMBER slide.jpg

Number Slide

The goal is to reposition the squares from a given arbitrary position by sliding them one at a time.


Hanoi Tower

It repetitive sequential that allows moving one piece at a time and are only allowed to place a smaller piece on top of a larger piece.



LEGO Ideas Series -  International Space Station model


The Genius Square

Game of The Year Award Winner! Roll The Dice & Race Your Opponent to Fill The Grid!


Rock me Archimedes

Suspense-filled balancing game that tests players’ strategic thinking. 



Introduction to Coordinate Plane and ordered pairs concepts

color code.jpg

Color Code

Challenge yourself wıth this visual perception game.

genius star.jpg

Genius Star

Star version is even more challenging than the famous Genius square game

tri facta.jpg

Tri-facta Multiplication

Practice multiplication and division - a 3 people board game

pattern explorer 1.jpg

Pattern Explorer 1

Book - diverse collections of pattern problems for students to explore, investigate, discover, and create.

string art.jpg

String Art

Create amazing geometric patterns - Set of 3 frames - 20, 30 and 40 points with frames of 15 cm diameter.



Abstract strategy game for ages 8+


Numbers & Letters Tangram

Pattern Blocks Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle with 24 Pcs Design Cards.

magnetic soma.jpg

Magnetic Soma Cube

A 3D Puzzle - Set of 7 Multi Shapes Magnetic Blocks with 54 Guide Cards.


Kanoodle - mini

 A 3D Puzzle Game, Over 200 Challenges



Magnetic Toys to build 3D Solids and explore 3D geometry



BUILD your own Spin Art Station with step-by-step instructions

Brain games.jpg

Brain Games - II

Book - full of puzzles, optical illusions, cranial challenges, and information on researches in neuroscience

Shape shipter.jpg

The Shape-Shifting Box

3D Magnetic Transforming Magnetic Box Magic Cube - You can combine four of them to create other 3d shapes.

Hexagon Puzzle.png

Hexagon n Puzzle

Hexagon puzzle has many different solutions, Each card has hints for a different solution.


Soma Cube

Each card has a building shape challenge on one side, and the solution on the other side. 

Buy on Amazon

cr nat geo.jpg

Marble Run

Marble Run for chain reactions by National Geographic


K'nex Levers & Pulleys

Model- to build 3 unique lever or pulley models: a balance, a wheelbarrow and a Sailboat

prime climb.jpg

Prime Climb

Explore mathematical structure in multiplication, division, and prime numbers by Math for Love

Zig go.jpg

Chain Reaction Sets by Zig Go

Build different layouts and tracks, then start the action and watch the reactions.

qbitz jr.jpg

Q.bitz Jr

Pattern identification game for younger players (1-4 players)

Harry Potter.jpg

Harry Potter Trivia Game

Only If you are a true HP fan



A Strategy game for kids to explore the concepts of probability, deductive reasoning, and logic

da vinci.jpg

Da Vinci Clock

Model - Reproduction of a clock based on an escapement sketched by Leonardo da Vinci

Pattern explorer 2.jpg

Pattern Explorer 2

Book - diverse collections of pattern problems for students to explore, investigate, discover, and create.

Shut the box.jpg

Shot the Box

Excellent tool for teaching basic addition



A strategy game for ages 7+

pattern blocks.jpg

Pattern Blocks

A toy that every kid needs to have -Explore shapes, relations, fractions, symmetry, area measurement, and more

Logic puzzles.jpg

Logic Puzzles

Book - 60 Clever Brain Games and Puzzles 

Buy on Amazon

Lego chess.jpg

Lego Chess Set

A collectible for lego and chess lovers


Domino Set - 1000 pc

Colorful Dominos Tiles for Building, Stacking, Racing, Tumbling.



A classical game also known as Othello - magnetic version


Connect Four

One of the most famous strategy games in the world. 

easy ball.jpg

Rainbow Puzzle Ball

A color matching game for kids. You push the colored balls around to match their color with the ring outside. 


3D Labyrinth Puzzles

 A toy for hands & eyes coordination and balance, spatial cognition, focus, observes ability and patience training. 

archimedes puzzle.jpg

Archemedes Puzzle

Incredibly difficult and one of the oldest known puzzles and attributed to the great Archimedes.

chineese checkers.jpg

Chinese Checkers

Traditional Strategy Board Game with Set of 60 Colorful Marbles

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