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String Art

Make attractive geometric patterns from simple lines. You may create paper pencil patterns first and then, if you want to create some 3d art, you may use a corkboard, pins, and some string.


You may think the idea behind the string art as the motion of a sliding ladder.

There are different ways to integrate a string art project to math lessons. 

You may start from scratch and let students to use ruler and compass to create the equal intervals on the lines. Or you may use the templates below to create some beautiful art pieces.

Here is the Polypad lesson plan of a task to investigate the maximum number of points, and regions formed by intersecting lines.


Once you create the shapes, you may realize they belong to different functions. Here is the x^2/3 + y​^2/3 = c^2/3

This particular curve is called astroid.

Can you find the length of the curve or the area enclosed by the curve? Do this measure depend on the number of points on the initial lines?

If you are interested in the type of shapes formed by each string art template,do not forget to check the hypocycloids page on Wolfram.

String art mandala on a black wood.jpg
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desmos sring art functions.png
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